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Lamp Vase Olan MultiColors

Mexican Lamps Decorative folk art hand made hand painted in Mexico by Gorky Gonzalez workshop

    the measure of the ceramic vases are
    • Large - 16" H 
    • Medium - 15" H 
    • Small - 13.8"H 
    • Harp or Lyre lamp height 9 in (23 cms)
    • Wood base height 1 1/3 inc (3.5 cms)
    Internationally recognized and Award Winning Gorky Gonzalez Pottery.Gorky González and his workshop have dedicated their work to rescuing the traditional majolica of Guanajuato, Mexico for the past 59 years. By creating unique hand crafted and hand painted pieces. The authentic designs and method of production makes Gorky Gonzalez Pottery very unique and special!
    Note: Does not include screen lamp
    Lamp Vase Olan MultiColors
    Lamp Vase Olan MultiColors
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