• I ordered the donkey salt and pepper shakers for my daughter and two coffee mugs for myself. I thought I would start small and see what I thought about the products before ordering anything else. I LOVE the quality, style, and craftsman ship!! I will be ordering again….

    Jan Thruston

  • I have admired your work since I first traveled to Mexico in 1995 picking up a piece here and there. When I happened onto your website, I was impressed with the diversity and artistry. I purchased beautiful coffee mugs that arrived well packed and in perfect condition. My wife and I love them every morning. Thank you and best wishes.

    Steve Luebbehusen

  • I ordered 12 pasta bowls in mixed colors and designs. I needed them to be delivered in a very tight time schedule. Gorky was able to get these beautiful bowls to me right when I needed them. They were packed expertly and all made the trip from Mexico in perfect shape. I will be a customer for life.


  • I used to show Gorky’s Ceramics in my Art Gallery through Cherie Peake back in the 80’s and I’ve always loved his work. I just ordered a small cereal bowl to see how it would ship from Mexico all the way to Santa Barbara, California. Everything was packed beautifully and it arrived safely and perfect! Thank You Gorky Gonzalez and your Team…I LOVE YOUR WORK, and I will be ordering MORE!!

    Diane Stevenett

  • A few years ago, I purchased a “Gorky” plate from a store in Texas. Wanting another plate, I called the store and they did not carry the same pattern.

    After a brief search, I found the email for Gorky Gonzalez and sent a photo of the plate and a request to buy more of the same. A quick reply came that it was no longer being produced, but they could produce more.

    The order was placed, payment was easily made and within a couple of weeks, my new plates (well packed) arrived in perfect condition and they are exactly what I ordered!

    Shazaam, it was so easy!

    Thank you, Gorky Gonzalez!

    Susan Cox

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