Animal Salad Plate 8.7" Set of 3 pieces mix & match - Mexican Pottery by Gorky Gonzalez

Animal Salad Plate 8.7" Set of 3 pieces mix & match

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    8.7in D
    22cm D
  • All the plates are hand thrown and hand painted.
    must of our pieces are custom made, if you want multiples of 3, but you want them all different you can put a comment saying you want in total 6 plates 2 deer, 2 bird 2 roosters all different to mix and match.  (you will have to select 2 sets of 3)  We will choose the other pattern for the borders and paint each animal a little different with difference surrounding.  FUN!!!
  • They will all mix and match very nice and will be unique!!!  This is what makes Gorky Gonzalez Pottery very unique and special!!!
  • You can also order them all the same as the picture if you do not put a comment we will send all of them the same as the picture
  • All plates can be hang .  The order does not include dish holder

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